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Luiss Meets Fashion
Luiss Meets Fashion
  • Marcello Vignocchi

    Marcello Vignocchi is the co-founder and CEO of Alpha (Meetalpha Inc).

    Alpha is a mobile app platform that provides fashion retailers, their sales team, and clients with the best-in-class client relations tools and services. With Alpha, sales associates extend a “Red Carpet” like shopping experience to their clients — a bespoke communication channel filled with product inspiration, client requests, style sessions, and immediately shoppable items.

    Marcello is a veteran of luxury fashion retail with more than 20 years experience first at Gucci and most recently at Kering. He built the digital retail innovation team and orchestrated all the pieces and partners to bring LUCE — one of the most revolutionary digital solution on the market— in the hands of more than 16,000 sales associates, generating € 1,500,000,0000 in sales (2020) across all Kering’s global stores like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, etc.

    As Innovative Solution Director at Gucci, Marcello working closely with primary research centers and universities, designed a new in-store experience for premium clients, enhancing store layout, blooming sales associate’s new competences and developing mobile solutions to empower store staff: BI IN STORE (RETA Awards 2014 as Best in Store solution) and BEAT.

    In his first years at Gucci, Marcello covered several roles inside IT, leading BI, CRM, Merchandising Plan and large global projects. Prior to join Gucci, Marcello began his career as a Software Engineer.

    Marcello got a degree in Computer Science from Università di Pisa and an Executive MBA in Innovation from Politecnico di Milano.

    Marcello Vignocchi
  • Roberto Tagliabue

    Roberto is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Alpha (Meetalpha Inc).

    As a digital technology native with a background in architecture, product design, and brand communications, Roberto has been at the forefront of helping brands accelerate, transform and disrupt markets with innovative strategies and new transformative digital solutions.

    Roberto gained invaluable experience during his time at Nike, where he led the digital innovation team and the ideation of the Nike+ platforms, and the partnership with Apple to launch it on the market. Nike+ is the current digital backbone of the sport apparel brand with more than 300 millions members.

    In the most recent years he founded Awake, a digital creative firm focused on next-generation brand and retail experiences. Roberto and his team are focusing on pioneering advanced digital solutions for luxury brands— Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta — to create significant value while improving the shopping experience. Awake is the brain and design powerhouse behind LUCE: a clienteling solution used globally across all Kering’s brands by tens of thousands of SA’s daily. Luce helped generate increased sales per SA, by up to 30%.

    Roberto’s passion is to mix great design, digital technologies and business opportunities into delightful end-to-end product and brand experiences that capture desires and enrich humanity

    Roberto Tagliabue